The greatest gift we have is the land below our feet, and I have witnessed the power of responsible agriculture since opening my farm in 1998. In the shade of beautiful live oak trees, I have spent twenty years cultivating over 30 species of tropical fruit, from avocado to citrus to passion fruit. But one fruit on my farm stands out for its beauty, simplicity, and flavor. When people ask me what I sell, my response is always the same: “mostly mangos.” Southwest Florida is one of the few places in the United States with a climate that can support mango production, and my farm boasts over a dozen varieties varying in flavor, color, and size.

I farm under the belief and confidence that the land will give back when I treat it with care, cultivate it with respect, and nurture it with love. For this reason, I use only natural methods to keep my plants healthy and productive. No chemical pesticides interfere with my farm’s production, and my trees take root where they decide they have the best chance to flourish. In fact, you might think of my farm as more of a forest and of me as more of a steward of the land than as a farmer.

Each box you purchase from me, as promised, will be packed with mostly mangos, but also with a small selection of other seasonal produce to fill the spaces in-between. As the year progresses, so too do my crops. New varieties bloom and different plants flower. This, in my opinion, is the best way to eat fruit: moving on to new flavors and textures when the seasons tell you it’s time. My goal is that my customers feel good both about the quality of the food they consume and about the way it was produced.

Thank you for buying from Eat well!